Loan Payment Details

This screen appears when you click the amount value hyperlink under the Deposits column in the Pending or Posted Transactions tables on the Account Detail screen. The following paragraphs list and describe the fields that appear on this screen.

Transaction Amount

Display only. Displays the actual amount of transaction.

Loan Payment Details Table (untitled)

This table lists the break-up amount values for each sub-category for a single transaction or loan payment. The sub-categories of the loan payments amount are based on the available transaction breakdown information. However, only the categories for which the amount value is greater than zero (0) will be displayed.


Depending on your financial institution's settings and the loan type, some of the distribution categories may not appear.

Categories may include Principal, Interest, Reserve, Insurance, Escrow, Escrow interest, Late charges, Fees, Other fees and charges, Rebates, Unapplied, Subsidized amount (credit), and Miscellaneous charges.

For Line of Credit accounts, the categories may be a limited list including Principal, Interest, Other, and Non-Balance.


To close this screen and activate the parent screen

Click Close. You can also click the close icon on the top right corner of the screen.